Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

“Account” means a Member’s individual Program Account created by a Member to which Points are assigned.
"Activity" means a transaction for which Points are assigned.
"Ancillary Award" means additional products paid for entirely or partially using a member’s Points which will be defined by reward-U from time-to-time.
“Award Flights” means flights paid for entirely or partially using a member’s Points.
“Confirmation Email” means the email requesting a Member to confirm membership into reward-U.
“Member” means any person who is a Member of the reward-U Program.
“Points” means the program’s unit of measurement of awarding members in connection with air travel, services and products purchased or usage of participating services and products as determined by reward-U.
“Program” means reward-U.
“reward-U” means the customer loyalty program operated by Hong Kong Express Limited.
“reward-U Crew Account” means members who form a crew in accordance with section “Points Pooling (“reward-U Crew”)” below, whereby the individual members’ Points are transferred to the Captain to manage and spend as the Captain chooses.
“Welcome Email” means the email acknowledging your membership to reward-U.

General Conditions
  1. reward-U is a customer loyalty program managed and operated by Hong Kong Express Limited. 
  2. reward-U is open to individuals aged two or above. If a Member is less than 18 years of age, parental or legal guardian consent is required to join reward-U. All other entities or parties including, but not limited to, corporations, travel agencies, etc., are not eligible to enrol as Members or earn Points or receive any benefits in connection with the Program. Each Member may have only one (1) Program Account.
  3. Members will be issued with a membership number. The use of this number and associated benefits is deemed to be acceptance of these Program Terms and Conditions. 
  4. Membership in reward-U is not transferable and may only be used by the Member. Misuse of program benefits may result in termination or suspension of membership, or withdrawal of benefits.
  5. reward-U reserves the right to modify the Program structure, benefits and other features, including these Terms and Conditions, or to terminate the Program at any time. Although reward-U will use reasonable effort to notify members of material changes to the Program and/or to these Terms and Conditions, it is the responsibility of members to keep themselves up to date in respect of the Program and these Terms and Conditions. Any use of Program by a Member will be deemed as acceptance of any amendment. reward-U will not be liable for loss or damage resulting from any amendment to the Program or to these Terms and Conditions.
  6. A membership fee to join reward-U is waived until further notice.
  7. Points may not be exchanged for cash or vouchers. 
  8. Members under the age of 18 years will not receive any promotional materials. 
  1. Potential Members can apply online at www.reward-U.com.
  2. Membership is not confirmed and Point credits accrued will not be honoured until the Member actions the Confirmation Email and receives a Welcome Email.
  3. Once the Member receives the Welcome Email, earning and redeeming Points and any benefits received in connection with the Program will be enabled.
  4. reward-U reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant.
Point Credits
  1. Point credits will only be officially recorded once the Member carries out the instructions on the confirmation email.
  2. To receive Points for eligible activities, the first and last name and the reward-U Member ID provided in connection with the reservation or purchase must exactly match the name and Program account details registered with reward-U. Any discrepancy may delay or nullify the receipt of Points.
  3. Points credits may take up to 30 days after travel or the purchase of the product or service to be credited to the Member’s account. Some Point credit transactions may have different processing times depending on the destination and partner.   
  4. Any claim for non-credited Points must be received by reward-U within 180 days of the qualifying reward-U flight unless specified otherwise. Members are responsible for ensuring that Points earned are properly credited to their Account. If the Member believes that Points earned have not been properly credited, they may be required to submit documentation to reward-U, which may include, without limitation, copies of boarding passes, itinerary and receipts.  
  5. Point credits are valid for 3 years from the date of the Activity, unless specified otherwise.
  6. If reward-U incorrectly denies Point credits to a Member, then reward-U’s only liability will be to provide the Member with the number of Point credits originally denied.
  7. The activities and/or transactions eligible for earning Points, and/or the amount of Points available to be accrued, are subject to change by reward-U, at any time, without notice or liability.
  8. Point credits are valid for redemption awards as soon as they are credited to Member's account.  
Airline Points Credits
  1. Members must provide their Program membership details before they fly, either at the time of purchase or by uploading the details via Manage My Bookings, in order to automatically receive Points for the purchase of reward-U flights.
  2. Members can earn Points on any fare that is available for sale by HK Express. Members will only earn Points based on the eligible amount spent on individual flights. Members will not earn any Points for any traveller on the Member’s booking and/or whose flight has been paid for by the Member; they can only earn Points for their own travel booking.
  3. Members may earn Points in the following ways: (1) purchasing a HK Express flight; (2) purchasing extra products or services offered by HK Express, namely Checked-in baggage, SMS Itinerary, pre-purchased meals, Priority Check-in and advanced seat selection. The Member must board the flight before the Points are credited.
  4. Members will earn ten (10) Points per 1 HKD (or equivalent) spent on fares excluding Taxes and Fees, but including charges for Checked-in baggage, SMS Itinerary, pre-purchased meals, Priority Check-in and advanced seat selection. Other extra products or services and service fees that are not stated above will not be eligible to earn Points. Any extra products or services and/or upgrades purchased at the time of airport check-in are not eligible to earn Points.
  5. Points credits are not transferable to other airline programs and reward-U does not accept the conversion of reward points of other airlines to reward-U Point credits.
  6. You will earn 10 points for every $1 HKD spent on qualifying products when you book on the HK Express website or mobile app. Booking via other methods may result in earning fewer points.  Groups and Charters will not be eligible to earn reward-U points.
Non-Airline Points Credits
  1. Point credits that are available and awarded for non-airline transactions will be as specified by each partner participating in the Program. The earning propositions of individual partners and what qualifies for non-airline Point credits are outlined at www.reward-U.com and may be amended from time to time by reward-U.
  2. Non-airline partners may apply additional Terms and Conditions with respect to the availability and eligibility of earning Point credits. 
  3. Points accrued by using Non-airline partners will be credited at reward-U’s sole discretion.
Additional Promotions
  1. reward-U may, in its sole discretion, from time to time, offer Members the opportunity to earn additional Points through the purchase of HK Express flights and extra products or services. These offers may be temporary in nature. reward-U reserves the right to modify or eliminate such offers at any time. These offers are void where prohibited by law. The number of Points offered is subject to reward-U's sole discretion. All special or promotional offers involving Points are subject to these Terms and Conditions and any other specific Terms and Conditions that may be stated in the offer.  
  2. reward-U and partners may run promotions from time to time offering bonus points.  Qualification for these bonus points offers is subject to the Terms and Conditions of each individual promotion. 
  3. Where a promotion requires pre-registration, bonus points will only be credited if Members complete the registration process at the reward-U website prior to travel or consumption of a partner’s products and services.
Points Pooling (“reward-U Crew”)
  1. reward-U allows Members to form a group of up to five (5), also known as reward-U Crew, whereby one of the Crew members is the “Captain”.  
  2. The Captain has the following responsibilities:
    - Deciding whether to accept a particular Member’s request to assign them as Captain of the Crew
    - Overseeing the Points credited by the Crew members
    - Redeeming the Points from the members in their crew
    - Removing members from the Crew
  3. Once a Member joins a Crew, 100% of their existing reward-U Points balance, plus those from future transactions, will be automatically pooled to the Captain’s account.
  4. Each Member can only be part of one Crew at any one time.
  5. A Member can only make one Crew request in a given 12 month period, so if they leave a Crew they will not be able to assign another Captain until the anniversary of joining their initial Crew.
  6. A Minor cannot be the Captain of a Crew.
  7. Redemption of a Crew point balance is based on first-in-first-out rule; in other words, reward-U points that were credited or earned earliest by any Crewmember will be redeemed first.
Points Redemption
  1. Members may redeem Points for the base fare and extras from HK Express. Members may also use a combination of Points and monetary payment for the flight. reward-U may also offer, in its sole discretion, opportunities to redeem Points for other products or services. Flights paid for using points, whether full or partial, shall not be eligible for points earning.
  2. For Award Flights, Points can be used only for flights operated and marketed by HK Express. The number of Points required for a particular flight is based on the published base fare and surcharge at the time of booking, which depends on, among other things, the flight selection and applicability of peak travel periods. The number of Points required for a particular flight may change at any time until the booking is confirmed. Taxes and fees which apply to Award Flights are the responsibility of the passenger and will vary based on departure and destination cities. Taxes and fees must be paid at the time of Award Flight booking and are subject to change as required by law. Any change to a booking may result in a change to the number of Points required and reward-U's standard change fee/policy will apply. Any change or cancellation to an Award Flight booking is subject to the reward-U standard change and cancellation fees and policies. Points redeemed for an Award Flight booking will not be refunded to the Member in the event of cancellation of the Award Flight booking by the Member.
  3. Points can be used for any HK Express destination available for purchase made by Hong Kong dollars on www.hkexpress.com, and flights originating from Hong Kong. Points redemption for Non Hong Kong Dollars and other non Hong Kong originate departure is expected to become available in Q1 or Q2 of 2017.
  4. Points may be redeemed for award travel online at www.hkexpress.com. In order to redeem their Points, Members must log in to their Program Account so that the number of Points in the account can be validated.
  5. A Member may redeem their Points for anybody.
  6. Redemption requests from parties other than the Member will not be processed.
  7. The appropriate number of Points will be deducted from a Member's Account at the time of ticket issuance.
  8. Flights which are purchased with a monetary payment may not be exchanged or refunded for payment with Points, in whole or in part.
  9. Members should immediately report any suspected unauthorised award claims. reward-U will decide at its discretion what action, if any, will be taken. reward-U may refuse to credit Members with Points to compensate for any unauthorised redemption should a Member in any way contribute to the unauthorised redemption by negligence or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the disclosure of a Member's password.
  10. reward-U reserves the right to revise, amend, modify or discontinue the products or services for which Members may use Points, in whole or in part, and/or the number of Points required to redeem any product or service including, but not limited to, Award Flights, in connection with the Program.
  11. reward-U's Flight Terms and Conditions including, but not limited to, change/cancellation policies and fees apply to Award Flights and any accompanying Ancillary Awards.
Missing Points Request
  1. Members can claim missing Points for air travel activities at www.reward-U.com. For non-air activities, no claim can be made for missing points as the onus is on the Member to present their reward-U membership number at the time of Activity.
  2. All documents submitted will be retained for record purposes. Members are required to keep copies for their own reference. Illegible copies will prolong or may prevent the processing of an application.
  3. Missing points request will only be accepted for processing within 180 (one hundred eighty) days of the transaction date. Missing points may take up to 30 days after receipt to be credited to the Members’ accounts.
  4. Requests for missing points cannot be entertained for travel prior to the date of the enrolment into the reward-U program unless stated otherwise.
Points Transfer
  1. Points can be transferred to any person that holds a reward-U Account. There is no minimum number of Points that can be transferred. For each Points transfer transaction, there will be a service fee of HKD 250. Transferred Point credits are valid for a further three years from the date of transfer.
  2. All transactions are non-refundable and non-reversible.
Membership Termination
  1. A Member’s Account will be suspended or terminated without notice once all Points have expired if there is no activity recorded on the Account for a period of thirty-six (36) months.
  2. A Member may terminate their membership at any time by submitting the reward-U cancellation form. Upon receipt of the cancellation form by reward-U, any outstanding Points and benefits will be forfeited.  
  3. If a Member commits fraud or misconduct, misuses the Program or contravenes the Terms and Conditions, reward-U retains the right to terminate the Member’s Account. All Points shall be immediately cancelled.
  4. A Member’s Account may be terminated at the sole discretion of reward-U. reward-U will provide notice of termination and after this, all Points shall be cancelled.
  5. Termination of membership for whatever reason shall be without prejudice to the accrued rights and remedies of reward-U, and the Member as at the date of termination.
  6. Membership will terminate immediately upon death of the Member. Unused Points at the time of death, as well as benefits, will be automatically cancelled on the death of the Member. Points do not constitute personal property and may not be bequeathed or otherwise treated as personal property.

A Member hereby warrants as follows:
- that the Member shall comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding use of their Account and the reward-U website.
- that the Member shall use their Account and the reward-U website solely for legal purposes and will not infringe the rights of any third party.

Data Privacy
  1. All personal data collected is managed and used in accordance with the reward-U Data Privacy Statement. The Statement may be revised by Hong Kong Express Limited from time to time and the updated version will be posted on www.reward-U.com. Any revised version of the Data Privacy Statement shall be effective from the date of publication on the aforementioned website. Members are responsible for keeping reward-U up to date with their correct personal information. reward-U is not responsible for any loss as a result of a Member’s failure to notify of a change in personal information. Failure by members to provide up-to-date information may result in reward-U being unable to offer Program membership and associated benefits. In such cases, membership may be terminated.
  2. Members must ensure that their password is not disclosed to any unauthorised parties. reward-U cannot be held liable for the consequences of any unauthorised disclosure of the password by Members or any unauthorised use of the password, including unauthorised redemption of points.
  1. Risk in respect of theft, or unauthorised or fraudulent redemption associated with Points passes to the Member as soon as Points are accrued in a Member’s account.
  2. Points are not transferable in any way except as outlined in these Terms and Conditions, and cannot be bequeathed, demised or otherwise transferred by operation of law.
  3. The failure of reward-U to enforce or exercise any right outlined in these Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed a waiver of its rights, nor shall it restrict the right for reward-U to take any subsequent action relating to that right.
  4. Should any provision of these Terms and Conditions be found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions. All provisions not affected by such invalidity or unenforceability shall remain in full force and effect.
  5. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding of reward-U and a Member in respect of the Program and supersede all prior written or oral representations, agreements or understandings between them relating to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions (including any misrepresentation made by reward-U), other than any fraudulent misrepresentation made by a party to induce the other party to enter into these Terms and Conditions.
Exclusion and Limitation of Liability
  1. reward-U shall not be liable to any Member for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense arising out of or in connection with the Program, the provision or the refusal to provide any benefits, whether such loss, damage or expense is caused by negligence or otherwise, and whether reward-U has any control over the circumstances giving rise to the claim or not. 
  2. reward-U will endeavour to ensure the availability of products and services provided by partners but will not be liable for any loss arising from the failure by partners to provide such products and services. Where a Member uses the services provided by a partner, their Terms and Conditions will apply and reward-U will not be liable for any loss.
Law and Jurisdiction
  1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Hong Kong law. By using the program each Member submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.
  2. If this English version of the Terms and Conditions does not conform to other language versions, the English version shall prevail. In case of dispute, reward-U reserves the right to final decision.